Shanghai At-Risk for Psychosis

The Shanghai At Risk for Psychosis (SHARP) study is a multi-site research effort to detect biomarkers for psychosis. A recent approach in schizophrenia research has been to focus on the “prodrome” or “clinical high risk” (CHR) phase, the period of imminent risk for developing psychosis in adolescents and young adults, an epoch when brain, neurocognitive, and social and role functions show illness-related decline. In collaboration with the Shanghai Mental Health Center (SMHC), a World Health Organization (WHO) designated center for research and training in mental health, and hospitals affiliated with Harvard Medical School, Florida A&M University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), we have developed a joint program evaluating 300 CHR subjects and 150 healthy controls in China, assessing both clinical and biological data. Currently, we are following these subjects for up to 6 years to understand further the psychobiological processes that occur during this critical CHR phase in order to inform Early Intervention strategies and to enhance the already improved outcomes emerging from clinical trials. This will be the first study to comprehensively examine biopsychosocial parameters predictive of conversion to psychosis and illness progression for up to 6 years.


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