Early Detection

Biomarkers for early diagnosis and symptom progression

Precision Psychiatry

Individualized interventions and prediction of therapeutic response

Innovative Treatments

Non-invasive treatment techniques with long-lasting improvements

Causal Mechanisms

Modulate the brain to understand the basis of disorders and treatments

Research Mission

We are a cognitive, affective, and clinical neuroscience lab in the Psychology Department

and the Center for Cognitive and Brain Health at Northeastern University.

Here at the Epic Brain Lab, our primary mission is to understand the brain basis of psychiatric disorders and to promote translation of this knowledge into clinical practice. We employ multimodal neuroimaging techniques to investigate the pathophysiology of psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders such as schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, autism and ADHD.


We focus on early detection, precision psychiatry, innovative treatments, and causal mechanisms. Each facet addresses a different critical barrier, and promotes a better understanding of clinical disorders and their treatments.

Research Vision

Imagine a future where our children could get help before they are in mental health crisis through early detection, get individualized interventions with precision psychiatry and have options for non-invasive innovative treatments based on causal mechanisms that are well understood? Our mission is to use neuroscience to help facilitate a path that will guide current and future generations to happier, healthier lives.


The Epic Brain Lab aims to overcome the barriers that prevent effective treatment by bridging the gap between clinical populations and effective tools & interventions.

News / Events

We’re Hiring!

We’re Hiring!

The EPIC Brain Lab is looking to hire a full-time Clinical Research Associate! If you are clinically licensed in MA and have an interest in mindfulness, depression, and a passion for working with...